Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Thankful For: Inspiration

This past Sunday our church had a chili potluck lunch. You probably all know the drill, a sign up sheet posted in the foyer for a certain number of pots of chili, plus rolls/tortillas, salads and desserts. I signed up for a pot of chili and a dessert (and brought papaya fruit salad for dessert).

On the way to church Kev mentioned that the reason he wore his dark sweater was "just in case" there were any unfortunate chili spills at lunch. We joked around about needing official "chili eatin' shirts" and... an idea was born.

Chili Eatin' Gear Available in both men and womens and kids, and in dark colors too!

These make the perfect gift item for your favorite chili-lover. Plus, you'll save an innocent shirt in the process, if they have their official chili eatin' shirt on!

See the whole line here.

I know what Kev is getting for Christmas.