Sunday, November 4, 2007

Thankful For: Humor

In keeping with Rebecca's encouraging theme for a Thankful November, today I am thankful that the Lord gave me a sense of humor.

I sit at home today on this Lord's day, while the family is at church. I wasn't there when it happened, but I feel like my Uncle Buck probably did the day he fell out of the tree and landed on his head (no not the first time, the second time). I will forgo the details of Uncle Buck's Great Adventures, and I will also forgo the details of what is ailing me today, except to say no, I did not fall out of a tree, and thankfully my under the weatherness is just temporary.

So while the family is at church and the house looks like it always does on Sunday morning (ever seen that episode of COPS where they bust into a heroin den and the place looks abandoned but for the junk everywhere?), I have my cat Pyro to keep me company and listen to my mumblings & grumblings about cleaning up the place so it's all neat and tidy and purdy when everyone gets home.

It's time to shuffle off to the kitchen and make it sparkle. I'm glad they were all able to go today.