Thursday, November 15, 2007

Thankful For: God's Critters

I'm not a dog person, but we have two and the rest of the family love them both. Once, when our old lady dog was hit by a truck, the only person she would let near her, was me. She was in a tremendous amount of pain immediately after the accident and so I held her and actually prayed for her. Yes I prayed for a dog. I asked the Lord to be merciful on His creation and take her pain from her. He answered that prayer and she recovered in time, with a slight limp but nothing broken and nothing too serious.

Yesterday Jessica took my camera and did a photoshoot with some of our critters:

Dougal MacCree - farm dog extraordinairre

This is Dougal (our old lady) lounging on the deck. She wont be out there lounging too much longer, since we have our first significant snowfall forecast for tonight. I suppose today would be a good day to bring in the Sponge Bob Chair Pants chair you can see, sitting in the background.


Here is Rusty, Kevin's Zebra Finch. We've had Rusty for five years now, and about a year ago the spot where his little leg was banded became irritated and before we even realized it, the leg from the band down had actually fallen off. Yes, Rusty is a Peg Leg Finch. I'd like to get him a wee little Pirate to sit on his shoulder, but I can't think of a way to keep it attached. He gets around pretty good for a one-legged bird.

Prince Pyro

Last but certainly not least, ever, is my goon of a cat, Pyro. Shown here in one of his more attractive moments, we call this the "love me, you know you want to" pose. Pyro is a great people-cat. I could tell you cute & funny stories about Pyro but "cat blogging" is this boy's deal, and I would never cut in on his territory.