Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Thankful for: Giggling

Rebecca (and all the ladies participating) has done a wonderful thing for the Christian blogging community. She's reminded us daily (and will continue through the rest of the month) that we're to be consistantly thankful. For me personally it's been a real blessing to think this way since I normally don't. Normally, I have a tendency to simply go with the flow and respond to circumstances as they happen - since life is so busy. I much prefer to slow down and be thoughtful and be thankful.

As I thought about this today, the one thing that stood out to me that I am incredibly thankful for in my life, are people that make me laugh. The Lord was pleased to put me into a family that all have a great sense of humor, and being raised up that way I suppose I simply gravitate toward people who likewise love to laugh. Going on day 8 of feeling miserably under the weather now, there aren't many things to laugh at, yet last night I read something from a friend that made me laugh so hard I almost dropped my powdered donut. (Donuts are medicinal, you know?) I have said many times before that you simply have not had a good day unless you've laughed so hard your cheeks ache, and you can't speak. When you laugh that hard, you can't help but feel better, even when you feel downright gacky.

Here's the short list of folks that bless me with their humor:

Kim, Jen, Libbie, Chris, James, Eddie, Steve, David and Neil. Some of these folks might not even realize how funny they really are, but they sure make a difference in my life. Even if it does mean choking on my cheetos from time to time, or dropping a donut in a fit of laughter.