Saturday, November 24, 2007

Thankful For: Encouraging Friends

Well now that Kevin has opened his presents, I can share the little surprise I had for him.

He has an online wishlist and from that, his mom and sister picked a couple of books for him and sent them out. One of those books was The God Who Justifies by James White. Now you folks all know how much I appreciate this dear brother and Kev certainly does too. It was through Kev that in 1998 (has it really been that long?) I first discovered #prosapologian (the chat channel James and his operators run) and when I was still a baby in my understanding of predestination and election, Kev gave me a little booklet on John 6, written by James. That little book made all the difference in the world. (I don't even know if it's still available, but it should be if it's not).

We've had the opportunity to meet with James twice, and thoroughly enjoyed his speaking and fellowship each time.

When I realized which book he was getting for his birthday, I sure wished I had been able to get James to sign it and write a little note for Kev to encourage him. Since I couldn't do that, I asked him if he'd be willing to write him a short note that I could include with the book. He said he would do that, but what he sent me was even more enjoyable.

He sent 5 notes. They all say the same thing but the first one is in Arabic, the second in Hebrew, third in Greek, fourth in Latin and the fifth one is in English. When Kev opened the book I told him James sent a special gift to go along with it and I handed him the first one and suggested he read it outloud in front of everyone. When he saw the Arabic symbols he just laughed and said "um... I can't read Hebrew!" I said no, it's Arabic - so try this one (and then I handed him the Hebrew one, lol). I did the same with all of them and he stopped at the Greek one and actually started reading it. Funny thing is, it was James that inspired him to study and learn Greek on his own (through Bill Mounce's program). Finally I handed him the English one, and he was able to fluently read that one outloud. To which he replied "now that was very cool". I agree.

He stuck all 5 notes in his book and if I were a betting person, I'd bet that's where they'll stay and be used as book marks, and then remain in the book when he's done. I'll let you know in a later post as I read the book when Kev's done with it.

So thank you to James for making Kev's birthday even more enjoyable, with his notes. I did videotape it but my camera doesn't have a media card and so the video stopped too short and it didn't capture the fun part. Oh well, we all got a kick out of it anyway.