Sunday, November 18, 2007

Prayer Need - Monday Update


This might sound like a trivial prayer request but for our family is sure isn't.

Last night my cat Pyro was outside and something scared him so he ran up a tree. A very tall tree, without low branches - about 30-40 feet up. We tried to coax him down last night and again this morning, but nothing doing. After church I called the fire department to see if they'd come help and the answer was "we don't do that". The dispatch operater was compassionate as she's a cat owner too, but that was the answer.

Kev has parked the van under the tree so that if he tries to jump down he can land on that, since there are no low branches for him to jump to. Pyro is a good cat and we just want him to come down and be okay. It was about 25 degrees last night and it's supposed to be about the same tonight.

Maybe if the Lord lays it on your heart you might pray that He'd take care of Pyro for us?
11:30 PM SUNDAY 11/18

Pyro is still in the tree and it's now past 24 hours. We're going to see if any of the barn workers might be able to come up with something to help get him down, in the morning. We're also going to call the local vet & human society to see if they can help. The kids are all upset (and I am too, he's MY cat) so focusing on school tomorrow will not be expected. I do appreciate all your comments and your prayers and I will let the kids read those in the morning.

Yeah, he's just a cat. But he's our cat, and we love him and he's suffering. That just stinks.


2:45 PM MONDAY 11/19

I called the local animal control first thing this morning and the woman that answered didn't find our situation all that serious. She laughed, in fact, and said "he'll come down when he's hungry, he's not going to DIE up there". Then she said "I can't help you". Nice lady, eh? (ugh!)


Jessica got the emergency ladder off our balcony, and even though I was 100% certain it wasn't tall enough to reach the lowest branch of the tree, she put it up there anyway. It really wasn't tall enough but since all my kids are part monkey, she shimmied her way up the tree from the top of the ladder to where he was located. It's handy to be part monkey!

Here are the results (click either for a larger view):

help is on the way, Pyro!

The red arrow indicates where Pyro was located when Jessica climbed up to him.

Pyro is rescued!!

The upper red arrow shows where Jessica dropped him from, and the bottom red arrow shows Pyro being caught in the sheet by our group of amature animal rescue folks!

Prince Pyro, safe at home

After a full can of wet food and lots of pets & hugs, he is currently purring like a well oiled machine, and enjoying being back inside.


Thank you all for your kind words and your prayers that the Lord would take care of our goofy cat. I sure appreciate that, and so do the kids! They're my heros. (Pyro's too!)