Saturday, November 17, 2007

A little of this, and some of that

Yesterday during school, the country of Scotland was mentioned. Below was the conversation between Rachel (8) and Samuel (7) that followed:

Samuel: Scotland is cool, I'm moving there when I grow up!

Rachel: Samuel, if you live in Scotland you have to learn how to play bagpipes and all the men wear skirts.

Clearly Rachel's Scottish heritage was sleeping yesterday during this brief conversation. For the record, she was corrected on the "skirt" issue. The part about learning how the bagpipes is absolutely true - all Scots can play them, and play them well.

In other news...

• For some of the most breathtaking photos, be sure to stop by Badia Masterpieces. This is my friend Chuck, and his eye for light/shadow angle/depth is simply incredible.

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• My Sovereign Grace book blog has been updated as well (be sure to check out the savings code there too)

And just in passing... I changed the header graphic earlier this week and no one has said a word about it. Apparently everyone has camel-phobia.