Sunday, November 25, 2007

I'm not sure if I'm coming down with what a couple of others close to me have, or if I'm just exhausted from a week of cleaning and cooking. Either way, that bus that hit me didn't even stop to see if I was okay. Since I'm home from church today and sitting here with no energy to do much of anything, I'll share a bit of miscellanous things on my mind today:

- By random drawing we've chosen a winner in our Reflections Fall Giveaway, and they've been notified via email. In other store news, the current newsletter is now online, filled with neat stuff and some pretty incredible savings/discounts for you.

- Have you ever noticed that as you grow in grace, that from time to time you find your attitude on certain things has changed so drastically that you know without question that it was solely the work of the Holy Spirit? I love it when this happens, even though it does feel a little uncomfortable at first, because it's something "new". It's a good new, all the same. Anytime you're taken out of your comfort zone and made to feel a sense of grace and compassion toward something that you once only felt contempt for, it's a very good thing.

- I recently had one of my bizarre dreams where I had suffered a heart attack and no one would take me seriously and take me to the hospital. Finally I called my friend Darlene and she arrived in her minivan made of logs (yes, like a miniature log cabin on wheels) and took me to the ER. She didn't stay, as she had some sort of function she had to be at since she was in charge of said function, but she assured me she'd call later to check on me. End of dream. I'm sure if I had the interest in analyzing this dream I'd find all sorts of psychological issues that would entertain therapists for years. It just made me laugh. The van was pretty cool, too.

- I promised Candy in the comments of another post that I'd share my fudge pecan pie recipe, and I'll get to that as soon as I find it. If anyone is already sick of turkey sandwiches I also have an amazingly delicious recipe for turkey soup, too. It has bacon in it, and it's SO good even kids who hate soup, like this one.

- Yesterday I noticed that it was WAY too cold in the dining room and couldn't figure out why, until I looked at the window. The frame/border/area/whatever it's called that holds the pane of glass in place on the bottom section of the window, has sunk down inside the window frame about an inch. This means at the very top of the window there is a gap of about 1/2 inch where the cold air is just pouring right in. I wondered the other day why, when the wind was howling across the western field I could hear it so much louder than I could ever rememer hearing it before. Now I know. We have storm windows for this window so we're pulling them out of the basement today, cleaning them up and installing them. This will take care of it until spring when the window itself can be fixed. Howling, icy wind pouring into your dining room is not something you want all winter long.

I could list a bunch more of miscellaneous stuff but I'll spare you more of the same. I hope you have a fantastically wonderful Lord's day. I think I need a piece of fudge.

For medicinal purposes only, of course.