Wednesday, November 14, 2007

For Hannah

Have you heard of Hannah Overton? I can honestly say that I hadn't, until today. Today I read her story, her pastor's words about her, her own words, and various other media sources (like this one). I sit here and type this in a state of semi-stunned disbelief.

Her story will be discussed on Iron Sharpens Iron today at 3pm eastern time. (Download the mp3 of the show). Whatever you do, pray for this woman and her family.

This hits awfully close to home, for us Christian, homeschooling moms. I can't even begin to imagine what this family is and has been going through. At the FAQ at the site, to the question "what can I do to help?" is this answer:

"Let others know about this injustice and get them to visit this web site. Our prayer is that national leaders will take a personal interest in this cause. "

I can say if this were me in Hannah's shoes, I'd hope and pray that fellow believers would do exactly that. I don't know this woman and I don't know any more than what's on the website, but I know she professes to love our Lord and her family has been shattered by this. That's enough for me.