Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Christmas Music

I've noticed on a few blogs around the neighborhood, posts about favorite Christmas music. We all have our favorites so I'm going to share mine as well.

I suppose it has everything to do with my rose-colored glasses of childhood innocence, but my all time favorite Christmas music is Bing Crosby singing anything to do with Christmas. If you're in your 40's, you might remember the variety shows & Christmas specials that were on tv when we were kids. Singers, dancers and comedy skits with all of the "famous" people of the day. I always looked forward to seeing Bing Crosby on any of these shows, singing any Christmas song (I didn't care which one, as long as he was singing it). There was just something about his voice that sort of infused that comfy, happy, excited anticipation that comes with Christmas, when you're little. We still listen to Bing even now.

A Christmas with GuitarsSecond only to that, is my other favorite Christmas music and that's this one. There's a bit of a story behind this one.

In 1995, my first Christmas season of being a widow, I was Christmas shopping with a friend. I had very (and I do mean very) little to spend on the girls and I had every dime accounted for, for what was on their lists. We were at Target, and walked past one of those music display deals where you can hear samples of the cds for sale. I love the acoustic guitar so I pushed the button to listen to a sample of this cd, and I loved it immediately. We used to have a tradition of buying a new tape or cd once a year of classic Christmas music, and I really really wanted this one and wanted to carry on that tradition, but as I said every dime was accounted for and I didn't have the money to buy this. I went ahead with my shopping and forgot all about this cd.

On Christmas Eve my friend came over with a little gift and told me I had to open it then, and not wait for morning. I did, and it was this cd! Yay! It was one of the brightest spots of my Christmas that year, and I've loved this cd every Christmas since then. It's been lost a few times, the little cd case insert was lost years ago, but it's still around (sitting right in front of me, in fact) and everyone looks forward to hearing this one in the rotation that plays all day on Christmas eve. It's also quite often the one we pick to play when we're decorating the tree.