Saturday, October 27, 2007

Saturday, in the rain...

Squirrely NeighborsToday was a super busy day, but a really good day.

We went to Kim and Neil's today & spent the whole day with them, virtually kid-free!

This little guy greeted us when we pulled into their driveway. Not the least bit shy, he posed for his picture even though he was clearly having a bad fur day.

He was drenched from the drizzling rain.

What have they done to poor Sally!?

This is Kim and Sally.

Neil was gardening one day last month and accidentally mixed the Miracle Gro with the Alpo, and this was the result.

Just kidding This is Yoshi, Neil's parent's dog. I think that makes him Kim's Dog-in-Law? I'm not a big fan of dogs that are so big they can eat you in less than three gulps, so Neil's dad had to contain him for me.

They all say he's very friendly, but I was taking any chances. Yes, I'm a giant chicken!

Pretty Trees
I didn't get the full scope of the way this really looked, but the fall color of all the various trees at Neil's parents house was just incredible.

From their kitchen window there's this incredible view of the trees and today with the wind blowing it looked like it was snowing leaves.

A really beautiful area where they live, and they're also proud Canadians, as you can see by the flag.

Accessories really make the whole outfit :-)
After a long day of hard work (okay it wasn't really that hard to sit with Kim's gracious and hospitable mother-in-law in the comfort of her dining room, and discuss church related subjects - but the guys worked outside in the wind and the rain, and the mud... hauling, splitting and loading wood, and they were VERY dirty and smelly when they were done) we went back to Kim & Neils and ate yummy coffee cake. The Shays take cliche advice very seriously ("life is short, eat dessert first!"), since we at the cake then went out for very delicious dinner.

That's not really a party hat on Kim's head, although it sure looked like one. It was the drop light in the booth behind us, but it was funny how it looked like it was balanced right on her head.

We had a wonderful time today, and we're looking forward to having their whole family over for American Thanksgiving next month.

I might even cook an American turkey, so they can see how real Americans celebrate.