Sunday, October 14, 2007

People Reflections?

Yesterday I was busy in the kitchen preparing a Thanksgiving dinner. While the majority of Canada had their holiday dinner on Monday this past week, ours was delayed until yesterday because Kev's mom was coming from Edmonton for a visit.

Usually when we have a family get together for any reason, I'm the one with the camera getting on everyone's nerves by taking too many pictures. When I'm doing all the cooking though, I don't have time for that. That's when someone else does all the picture taking. There weren't many taken yesterday but when I looked at the ones Jessica took I had to laugh when I saw the two of myself and Caryn. Taken from two different places in the kitchen and at two different times of the afternoon, you might suspect the two of us are related...

pictures? bah...

It's a bizarre thing to realize this child is going to be 25 in just three months.

Oh, and if you want your kitchen to have a fantastically amazing scent, and have a hankerin' for something festive & yummy, you need to go to Rebecca's and grab this. They were delicious, and I'm about to have one for breakfast right now!