Friday, October 5, 2007

Friday Photo

I read somewhere once that when you homeschool, the world is your classroom. Sure it sounds cornball, but it really is true. There are learning opportunities and spontaneous nature observations that happen all the time - especially when you live in the country.

Friday Photo BuggyThis evening just as the sun was setting and I was busy being disconnected yet again from the internet and a pretty important conversation (that sound you heard was me saying "man this drives me nuts!"), one of the kids came inside to gleefully announce they had caught a praying mantis. Jordan was especially thrilled since she's our Bug Kid and hasn't seen one in weeks. It was a pretty good sized one too, so I grabbed the camera and went out on the deck to do an impromptu buggy-model photo shoot.

The last one we saw was a brilliant green, but as you can see this one is more of a golden color. Do you know why that is? Well, neither did I so I went to the Bug Guide to find out. Essentially what I learned was that you'll find more brown ones like this in dryer years. It has been a dry year here, so that makes sense. It's also likely a female, based on the size of the abdomen.

So, there ya go. I wasn't planning a science/nature lesson, but they tend to happen plenty around here without doing any planning at all.