Friday, October 19, 2007

Friday Fluff 'n Stuff

one ringy dingy...Well, for all the of the people who have gasped in the last few years when I told them "I don't have a cell phone", you can stop gasping. A family member who no longer needed theirs, gave us their cell phone. Yes... Carla actually has a cell phone now. I know, its huge. It's like saying we're no longer on a dial up. I'm not going to get my hopes up in that department, however.

So I sat here last night and fiddled with all the settings & bells & whistles (there are so many whistles, its kinda creepy - I think I can program this phone to make supper on Tuesdays and take out the trash every day at 4pm), to get used to how this thing works. As of last night, it's the 3rd time ever in my life that I've ever had a cell phone in my hand. Once I took a picture with my mom's cell phone, and the other time was a few days ago when I flipped the phone open but couldn't figure out how to turn it on. Is there some reason there can't be a button that actually says "on" ?? Anyway, I did figure out how to add phone numbers and make a call, but I have yet to figure out how to answer it if it's ringing. I'm just hoping it wont ring. I did change the ring tone however to a rotary dial phone. I'm so retro.


From the mailbag:

Now you can finally hear the history of the genesis of the Protestant Reformation in song... Click on the provided links listed below, one at a time, in their appropriate sequence provided, for the full story, sung by that very controversial 16th century "Golden Oldies" musical group "Party Hearty Marty & the Protestors":
Track One
Track Two
Track Three
Track Four

...Compliments of Chris Arnzen, host of the "Iron Sharpens Iron" radio program, heard live Monday through Friday 3-4pm Eastern in NY & CT on WNYG 1440AM & worldwide at:

Now while you're over at Chris' blog, DO click on the Godtube video in the sidebar and watch it. Whoever said Christians don't have a sense of humor, clearly didn't know Chris Arnzen. A word of caution before you listen to the 4 parts of Party Hearty Marty & The Protesters: do not partake of any type of beverage while listening. It may end up shooting out your nose in a sudden burst of laughter. This is never a pleasurable activity (although others around you will be sure to get a kick out of it!).


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Friday Photo
Meet Todd
click Todd to see full size
I actually took this summer before last, but he just kept staring at me from the critters section at my flickr page, so I figured I'd show him off.