Sunday, October 21, 2007

4:37 Things

Things you should be doing at 4:37am:
Sleeping. Like a log.

Things you should not be doing at 4:37am:

Getting up

Things you can do at 4:37am when you can't be sleeping like a log:

Saying mean things (and saying them quietly) to the stupid dog that woke you up countless times through the night
Wondering why it is that said dog feels the need to come into MY room to make all her stupid dog noises
Run into the wall because you think its the doorway, and its so dark you can't see a thing (and then feel like an American Idol wannabe who heard "other door")
Attempt to change a lightbulb in the bathroom only to have it spin in the socket & shoot pretty orange sparks at you
Make the same attempt in the dining room only to have the same result, minus the sparks
Make a mental note "two spinning, burnt out bulbs - fix later"
Put laundry in the dryer
Trip over the cat. Twice.
Stand on the deck with the cat, and see three shooting stars
Glare at the stupid dog who is now sleeping. Like a log.

Its going to be a very long day.