Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Trivial Stuff

If your last name was Weaver, and you were really mean, and completely retro, you might name your child Dream. (HT: stupid dreams that mean nothing whatsoever, and serve no other purpose other than to reveal to you, just how twisted you really are... and cause a collective groan among my readers).

The last few days I've been super-duper busy with all kinds of stuff. One of the things I've been busy with is this week's newsletter for the store. Yeah I know, whenever I mention the store it turns into a ghost town around here, but this newsletter is so different, and SO cool (and I wont take the credit for the coolness because it wasn't really my idea, it was a suggestion made to me long ago that I'm finally getting around to doing), that I wanted to mention it now and give you a head's up. It should be in your email inbox Friday morning for subscribers, and live on the store site on Thursday night.

One of the other things I've been busy with is updating a really cool part of my church's webpage: the mid-week ministries section. I love doing this stuff, and I'm honored they let me handle it for the church.

I never did finish my summer household project list (I never even made a list, I'm such a list-apostate!), so while Kev is on afternoon shift he takes over homeschooling with the kids, I get to shuffle through the house and do stuff that needs doing... like finishing things on my list. One of those things is the daunting task of re-organizing the upstairs hall closet. It's a disaster area quite often, since we don't have a real linen closet, and the only closet we do have upstairs doesn't have any lower shelves in it, just one shelf way up high. So that was my job today (and it's about 98.3% done).

The fun thing was, finding a box I'd sort of forgotten I had. When we packed up to move to Canada, a lot of the little loose items that were still sitting around, all just sort of found their way into one box. To this day, they're still in there, and it's sitting on a shelf. I didn't remember what was in the box so I took it down and sat on the floor to wander down memory lane. Whoever said cleaning closets can't be entertaining as well?

I found a stack of rhodie baby photos that I haven't looked at, since the day I popped them all into the box. One of them was this one here of Jessica (now 17) that was taken in the backyard. She loved the rhodie bush and would often take her little dollies and whatever else she was playing with, and sit underneath it to play.

She'd also try to hide under there when she was being called, and unless she stuck her head out from between the blooms, you'd never know she was there.

This was taken the summer before she started kindergarten. She still has the curly mop, but now instead of hiding under the rhodie bush, she hides in her room, and on the phone.

find the cool thing!Another picture I came across was this one. I had to laugh at the person in the picture, but showed it to Kevin and challenged him to find the one, really cool thing in it. He studied it a moment, turned toward better lighting, and said "hmmm". I couldn't believe he didn't spot it right away! I think maybe he thought it was a trick question, but no I didn't mean ME, I meant the gorgeous real wood paneling on the dash in front of me. This was one of the only pictures ever taken of my very pretty 1986 deep teal green Jaguar, and go figure, it was taken from the inside. It was also the only time ever, I let anyone else drive my dream car that I saved forever to buy, and that might explain the expression on my face. Sadly, life circumstances changed drastically for me at the time (this was about 12 years ago) and I could no longer afford the insurance or upkeep, and had to sell it after only owning it for a year. But oh, was it ever a PRETTY car.

In any event, the closet is almost done and that's a good thing. I'll be in there again next summer doing it all over again, I'm sure.