Sunday, September 23, 2007

Store Stuff & Good Stuff

Just a few store things I wanted to bring to your attention.

Hope In the left sidebar is a new link. There are a lot of merchants that dedicate a portion of proceeds every October to breast cancer research & support, and this year I stand counted among them. This design was created especially for the campaign each year to raise awareness & support, but instead of just donating proceeds for the month of October, I'll be donating all year. So, you can show your support & get a great T-shirt, and together we can all do at least a little something for this cause. Be sure to use the coupon codes in the sidebar of the store, for a discount on all your purchases there. They rotate & update frequently, so you might want to sign up for the newsletter to be informed of the great shopping deals.

• For those of you in shopping mode already, and looking for something cool, something different, and something affordable - check out the left sidebard for the Candy You Ate As a Kid link, and see the the coupon codes listed there. You save 5% on your order AND you can use them an unlimited number of times, for each month.

• Since today is the first day of Autumn and I can no longer remain in denial that summer is over (although the high for the next two days IS in the low 80's, to which I say "yeeeee-haw"), I've decorated the store with some new colors & graphics. Speaking of the store, I've also got some really fun, and unique gift ideas coming very soon - it's a brand new section and it's something I've been working on (and will be working on for at least another week or more) for several days now. I'm having a blast doing it, and I hope you'll be delighted with it, when it's ready for it's grand opening. Yay, fun stuff!