Friday, September 14, 2007

Sidebar Stuff

You may (or may not have) have noticed a couple of new items in my sidebars this week. I'd like to draw your attention to them, for no other reason than they are exceptionally cool.

Carla's Wish List This one here (located on the right sidebar), is all Kristina's fault, because she suggested it in the comments the other day. Apparently you can even put your mailing address on one of these dealies and have complete strangers buy you stuff and have it shipped to your front door. I'm not big on that plan, so my address is not included, but my wishes are. So there ya go, my wish list (for now, anyway).

Candy You Ate As A Kid This one here, located in the left sidebar, is just WAY too fun. If you're looking for a really unique gift idea this year, this one IS IT. Almost everyone loves candy, and almost everyone enjoys a trip down memory lane to childhood when life was innocent and we all... well... ate candy!

They have over 300 different kinds of candy, including sugar-free, a cool page where you can pack your own bag or pick from a decade assortment, and just all kinds of other neat stuff, like handwritten giftcards at no extra charge, gift certificates, and party favor bags. I'm telling you, this is one of the coolest gift idea sites I've ever come across. If you're shopping for that person who is impossible to shop for, or if you just want to surprise someone with an extremely fun and unique gift, this is it! The only drawback as far as online shopping goes, is that they don't ship to Canada. I was so impressed with this site, I opted in to their affiliate program. So click on through and check them out, and have fun!