Saturday, September 1, 2007

Saturday, in the Tent, I think it was the 1st of September...

As much as I would dearly love to move the needle back to the beginning of the record and start all over again at June 1st, it's just not going to happen. Summer is officially on it's last 3 days for us, and the annual Labor Day Campout is proof enough.

Guard Beagle? I don't think so...

Due to lack of rain we hadn't had to mow in weeks (which was great) but it finally caught up with us and so yesterday afternoon I had to get out there and mow at least the campground area. As the sun was going down we made s'mores on the barbeque (the unofficial Labor Day Weekend Campfire, since there's a burn ban in effect) and Papa read them a story, and then it was off to TentWorld. The weather was perfect last night, and promises to be equally perfect for the rest of the weekend, and beyond.

Samuel turns 7 tomorrow and so today is official Party Day. We'll be doing this all over again in 2 weeks when Jordan turns 10, which brings Birthday Season to a close for a while (we have 4 birthdays in our immediate family in just a 5 week span between August and September). Since it's Party Day, that means I'm off to the store for last minute goodies then baking Samuel's cake.

It's always hard to say goodbye to summer, and while this summer had it's super-fantastic high points (and a few really rotten low points) it was probably one of the best summer vacations we've all had in many years. I'm so glad I captured most of it with pictures. When I'm chilled to the bone in the middle of January I'll be scrolling through some of those beach shots!

Have a great Saturday, I'm off to WalMart! (on a Saturday no less, what am I, insane?!?)