Monday, September 17, 2007

Monday Memory Verse

If you're reading this blog from a feed, you wont notice the Bible verse in the header, For those of you who are actually seeing it, allow me to explain.

Between three different grade levels of homeschooling Bible courses, and four different Sunday school grades/levels at church, this family does a lot of Scripture Memory work. We do it for two reasons:

1. we love the Scriptures

2. we take Psalm 119:11 and Deut. 6:4-9 quite seriously, and literally.

The more we commit Scripture to memory the more our lives change. It's that simple. I have decided that each Monday I'm going to pick from one of our homeschool or Sunday school courses, a memory verses we're currently working on and share it at my blog for the week, in case you'd like to follow the same memory verse plan that we do.

Even if you don't opt to do that, it'll be there all week anyway.

This week's memory verse is from Samuel and Ruth's Sunday school class, where they are learning about the attributes of God, and how we should understand them. This verse comes from the lesson that God is infinitely above the need for any kind of counsel, and that the fullness of His attributes are well beyond our ability to understand, He has indeed given us all we need in His written word, to know Him and to see Him and understand Him as we should while in this natural body.

The way we memorize Scripture is pretty simple. At the beginning of the week I print out the verse for everyone in large print. We write the verse out, then each person recites it. If it's a long verse we break up the writing portion over several days, since we have some short people in this house that find writing long words in long verses, rather overwhelming all in one session. Then in the evening we recite the verse again usually at the beginning of family devotion time.

That's it. Once it's written out, we simply recite it once in the morning, and once again in the evening. By Friday, 99.99% of the time, everyone knows the verse from memory, including Ruth (who can't read or write yet). Last Thursday she piped up and offered Isaiah 53:3 (last week's verse) before anyone else had a shot at it. She didn't miss a beat, and she's only four. So if Ruth can do it, so can you!

I do find that for the kids, writing it out helps them a great deal, since I can ask them in the evening (if they're stumbling a little) "try to remember what you wrote out today, what word comes next?" That makes a big difference in how fast they memorize it.

So there you go - a little peek into what we do around here. It really works well for us, and even years later we recall verses we once memorized. Kevin tested me on this last night and I didn't do too bad with Psalm 1, and that was about 7 years ago that we tackled that one.