Thursday, September 6, 2007


With the passing yesterday of Dr. D. James Kennedy, a few very important thoughts came to my mind about legacy.

If you go here, you'll see how he's being remembered for a lifetime of service. You'll notice that this man's life is listed off by important dates and times and things that he did, that changed the lives of the people around him, and well beyond. It is quite obvious that this was a man who left an imprint in the minds and hearts of likely untold thousands of people around the world. That's a pretty powerful legacy.

Truth be told, I really wasn't all that familiar with his work. I have in my life a few pastors, teachers, and authors that I listen to on a regular basis and those are the ones I stick with. He was however one of the only people that I can ever remember watching on Christian television years ago, that didn't come across like a nut. I quit watching Christian television though, because most of the folks on there just made me angry with the self-centered trash they were peddling.

As I read through the list posted at his memorial site, I couldn't help but wonder what my own bulleted-point life might look like, at the end. While Dr. Kennedy had 30+ more years here than I currently do, and while he was well known around the globe and I am just a mere nobody, I wondered what my own family and close friends might remember about me? What legacy will I be able to leave, for them?

This subject actually came up in discussion in my house not long ago, and when asked "if there was just one thing you'd have anyone remember you for, or remember about you once you're gone, what would it be?"

My answer?

This was a woman that genuinely loved and served the Lord Jesus Christ.

If I can accomplish that, with all I have done on this earth with my time here, I will be one happy person. I don't need a long list of accomplishments (but for those that have them and have them point to the Lord, amen!), I just want people to remember Him, through me.