Sunday, September 30, 2007

I'm Back

Before I share with you all the important things I learned while haitusing (if that's not a real word, oh well), I would like to thank those of you who emailed and commented and said such nice things, and prayed for me. There really is much to be said about how it changes a person's countenance when they know folks are praying for them. So thanks folks, I sure appreciated that.

Now for the not so earthshattering stuff. Random things I've learned and/or had brought to my remembrance over the last few days:

1. You can't rollerskate in a buffalo herd. Oh wait... I already knew that.

2. Trying to speak to someone who has bought into what may be called easy-believism, about things that matter as it pertains to genuine Christian living, is like.. um... well, I suppose I could come up with a really witty comparison if I sat here long enough and thought about it, but I'm not feeling very witty when it comes to this subject. The thing is, there are so many people out there who console themselves with the label of "Christian" and it doesn't matter what you say to them, they put up a brick wall and shut you out. They like the label, for whatever reason, but don't you DARE speak to them about the things that please God or grieve God, because that's YOUR issue and they don't need to hear it. All the while they live sinful lives without any conviction whatsoever. They lie, they sneak around and deceive, they joke about ungodly things, use filthy language, watch raunchy television and movies, listen to angst-filled, revenge/the-whole-world-revolves-around-me-you-idiot songs, and they have the most awful webpages/blogs/myspace type of accounts you can imagine. And yet... these are Christians? Hello? Pardon me while I whip out the industrial strength RAID and use the double-barrelled electric flyswatter to bust through the dense, black cloud of millions of gnats flying all around that nasty, rotting, foul-smelling fruit.

These are people who like the label but in practice reject the lordship OF the Lord in their lives. Trying to reach them seems harder than trying to reach those that flat out reject the Lord. At least with those who flat out reject Him, you've got a starting place. With those that are in the other category, you have no starting place because they've convinced themselves they're already just fine, thank you very much. Maddening, to say the least.

3. I detest procrastination with the passion of 47 flippillion white-hot burning suns. Yet, I find myself guilty of it almost every day. A battle that rages...

4. If you have 2 male cats, and you do ALL the laundry on Saturday, and dump it all on the couch and no one folds it, one of them will spray it before church Sunday morning. Moral? Either get rid of the cats, or fold your laundry and put it away. Or fold the cats and put them away. Or something.

5. My mom is the coolest mom EVER. Not because she sent me cozy socks in the mail, and not because she sent me muffin mix that I can't get in Canoodle, but because she knows what makes me laugh, what makes me feel better, and just when & how to say it. Everyone should have a mom like mine. I think she should adopt everyone that doesn't have a mom like mine. I always wanted 900 siblings.

6. I am most productive when I have a plan and a schedule. I've been working on the sequel to the faerie story, and I'm just about done with chapter 3. Its all very exciting too. Parts of the story come to me in my dreams, believe it or not. The kids loved it when I read the first one to them, and they've been hounding me like crazy for the sequel. The sooner I finish it the sooner they'll quit stalking me and demanding more excitement and adventure.

7. The Children Desiring God Sunday School curriculum is simply top-notch. If your Sunday school doesn't use it and is in the "looking" phase, check this out.

Last but certainly not least, is that whoever first said that teenagers are put on earth for their parents sanctification, either possessed the wisdom of Solomon, or made that statement from a padded room somewhere. Maybe both. In any event... we press onward because He is our strength.