Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Fall Color

Today, I ran away from home. Well, I sorta ran away from home... if taking the long way home and then going for a walk in the woods behind the house, counts. It wasn't really where I wanted to go to get some great autumn shots, so I'll have to try that again sometime this week, if possible. Here are a few I did get though:

This was taken just down the dirt road from my house.

This was taken on the other side of the road.

In the woods behind my house. It was hot today and the walk out there across the plowed field made me even hotter, so I ducked into the cool woods for a few minutes. It was really nice in there.

Tulip had a royal conniption fit when I came out of the woods. She's never seen me back there so to her, I was a monster that she needed to howl at.

One lonely seagull flying over the field to join the 90 million others down the way.

You can see the others I took today, at my flickr page. I wasn't very happy with the way most of these turned out, so that's even more motivation to run away one more time this week and try it again!