Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Derby Quilt

doesn't EVERYONE have a plush Lemur on their wall??Today was another very successful day in the project department. See?

My sewing table is finally cleaned off again and ready for me to tackle the projects in the sewing basket. You might be able to make it out if you click and view the larger image, but to the right of the sewing machine is a wire basket that contains gma's quilt squares. They are there because that's #1 project to work on after the repair projects are done. If I really set my mind to it, I could get all those repairs done in a day.

It's sort of funny how gma's quilt squares are so powerful. Technically, they're just colorful squares of cloth, but who knew they had the power to magically transport me back to the 70's, growing up in western Washington? For whatever reason today when I picked one up, something about it made me remember having dinner at gma & gpa's on Wednesday nights every week, and then how I spent my Saturday nights in WA from the time I was a little girl, until the last fall before I moved to Canada. For a span of about 25 years, every time there was one of these at the fairgrounds on a Saturday night between spring and fall, I was there! When the girls were born, they were initiated into the Saturday Night routine, and grew up expecting to be there on a Saturday night.

I really don't know what it is about the smell of burning rubber, dirt in your face, and total and complete vehicular carnage that is so appealing, but with all ladylike demeanor I say BRING IT ON! I think I was about 6 years old the first time I went, and I was hooked from the first time. By the time my sister was old enough to have friends with cars, and thats where they were headed on Saturday nights, I'd do whatever it took to get mom to let me go with them. I don't recall ever actually doing it, but I would have thrown myself on the floor and begged for hours, if it were required. By the time I was old enough to have friends with cars, that's where we went. For some folks growing up where I did, that was just the place to be on a Saturday night.

I can't tell you how strange it is, to have lived in Canada for the last 9+ years where a season of d-derby just doesn't exist. Oh they have them here, occaisionally, at the local fair, but they are nothing like the ones I grew up watching. They don't use a full track and they're about as aggressive as old ladies on a Sunday afternoon drive. Not sure what the deal is with that, but if a Canadian audience ever saw the kind I grew up with, they'd be demanding their money back for the ones they get here. Anyway, the whole TWO of them that I've been able to see in the last 9+ years in Canada were like that - maybe they were just the sleepy drivers?

So there I was today at the KDDA website, clicking on all the links, enjoying the pictures and remembering all the times that was me up in those uncovered stands (covered stands are for OLD people and whiners who can't handle a little WA rain or mud in their hair - but I did scan the crowd for any familiar faces, lol), devouring a Crazy Eric's grilled onion cheeseburger (or two, or three!) while cheering on drivers like KC Straight. Boy, those were the days.

So I had to click on the youtube links and check out some of the highlights that I've missed over the years, even if it did take all afternoon to load them, on dial up. I just did other stuff while they were loading, to make good use of my time. If you go to Youtube, standard disclaimers apply to the raunchy language in the comments and even some of the stupid music they play on the videos just watch for the carnage, that's the best part.

Can you tell I'm homesick? Maybe Kev will let me roll the van in the dirt out by the barn? Hmm....