Saturday, September 8, 2007

Conference Day

Doc & Me Well as you can no doubt see, I had a most miserable time today.

Quite the contrary in fact. It was a most blessed time, in many ways.

When we first arrived, everyone was gone for lunch except for this guy here in the picture. I thought I recognized him but Kev insisted he was in imposter - to which, said imposter agreed. For an imposter, he did an incredible impersonation of my friend Doc. :-) We had a brief chat and the one of the first things he said was how good Thabiti Anyabwile's messages earlier today (understanding the doctrine of jihad & general principles of Islamic evangelism) had been - which we unfortunately were not able to be present for. As folks began to arrive for the afternoon sessions, several folks that we knew (hi Pete & Barb!) arrived, and interestingly enough, several others commented on Thabiti's morning sessions as well. We will definitely have to get the mp3s as soon as they're made available.

James (or Doc, for fellow channel rats) spoke on the history of the Bible & history of the Qu'ran then there was a really good Q & A session with all three speakers (James, Thabiti and Dr. Michael Haykin) with good questions and even better answers. There was a final session with James and it was just all over way too quickly! All three speakers were so captivating, I could have sat there all night and listened intently.

There were some very well mannered young people there from Pastor Paul's church, some young people from my church, folks I know from chat (hey Greg, hey Stephen) and one of the highlights of my afternoon (besides capturing on film, Doc kicking Greg, tee hee) was finally getting to meet & speak to Dr. Haykin in person and thanking him for his recommendation last year, of our church. When we were churchless and heartsick to find a local assembly to be a part of, Dr. Haykin was the 3rd person in just as many days nearly, to highly mention the same church, and highly recommend it. We went the following Sunday and the rest is church member (very soon!) history. It was great to be able to shake his hand and say thank you to him, face to face. I also met a few people that introduced themselves to me and told me they read my blog (that will always be weird to me, to be known from a blog) and/or know me as "t-shirt lady". that made me laugh. I guess if you have to be known for something, that's not so bad, eh?

During Doc's last session I noticed quite a few folks talking notes (including the nice lady sitting next to me who asked what Doc's website address was) and it occured to me that this was live blogging for the older crowd. The way live journaling used to be done, feverishly jotting down notes while the speaker made his great points. I didn't take notes, I was too preoccupied with listening.

I had a bunch more to to say but I'm so tired I'm not even convinced most of this is fluent & makes sense. Oh well, I'm live-blogging after the fact.

It's a long drive from here to there, and we got stuck in horrendous Toronto traffic on the way home and it took twice as long to get back, as it did to get there. I will mention however that another highlight of my day was actually hugging Doc goodbye as I heard him mutter something about Scottish men. :-) (For those that don't get that, Scottish men do not go around hugging people, my gpa was the same way but we made him hug us too!) I didn't get many pics, but the ones I did get, are right here.

Kev and I owe a very special thank you to Heinz and the Sola Scriptura ministries. It was a fantastic afternoon, and I'm really glad we were able to be there.