Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Chocolate Memory Lane

Have you ever found yourself in the weird position of discussing a childhood memory with someone who has no recollection at all, of what you're talking about? Maybe it's more common with me than most other people since I have this weird memory and can recall details of things that most people can't. In any event...

Seven UpWhen I was a kid, we ate dinner at my Gma & Gpa's house every Wednesday night. On the way home, mom would often stop at a little store called The Little Giant. Just a little convenience store about halfway between our house and gma's house. Often, she'd ask "what kind of candy bars do you kids want?" before she'd run in for cokes & candy bars. (Keep in mind, this was back in the day when you could leave your kids in the car in a small town, while you ran into the store for 5 minutes). I asked for the same thing every time: "SEVEN UP!". No, not the drink... 7-up the drink was what we had when we were sick with the flu. I hated the drink, but the candy bar was incredible. It was a milk chocolate bar seperated into 7 sections, and each section was filled with a different filling, much like cream filled chocolates that come in a box, but this was all in one little bar.

That was my absolute favorite candy bar for the longest time... until the day I discovered Chunky bars. And Flicks. You just could not go to the movies without getting a tube of Flicks!

The strangest thing though, was that from time to time when the weird subject of "food you ate as a kid" would come up, not one person EVER remembered Seven Up bars. Not one, not EVER. I haven't mentioned it in years, but I began to wonder if I hadn't had a brain-spazz and the bar wasn't even called that at all. I even did a web search several years ago to see for myself if I could find it, but at the time there was nothing out there.

But then... tonight as I was looking for something completely different, THIS PAGE came up. I scrolled all the way to the bottom and read, and thought "no WAY!!".

I now know I have not suffered a brain-spazz. I feel so much better now.