Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Calling all Grammar Experts

The other night during devotion, Kevin was reading and he pronounced Apollos in a way I’d never heard anyone pronounce it before (not that this would be a first for him and I, bearing in mind he's Canadian and I'm an American, we have these issues still, after nearly 10 years being married!). He pronounced the o in the second syllable of the word, like you’d pronounce a short u. I’ve always heard it pronounced and done so myself, with a long o.

Seeing as we’re both homeschool teachers, you’d think we’d have this all important grammar issue settled, but we don’t.

Yes, the dictionary says it’s ə-pŏl'ō but is that right? (Dictionaries do make mistakes, don't they?)

So, I’m leaving it with my brilliant readers to tell us which one of us, is pronouncing it correctly.

What say ye? Short ŭ as in cup, or long ō as in nose?