Saturday, September 8, 2007

A blogger, an apologist and a commenter walked into a coffee shop...

It's been a regular routine of mine for about 25 years now, to take an afternoon rest. When I was younger I did it mostly to re-charge while the little ones were napping. After my car accident in 1992 that left me with a permanent neck injury, my afternoon rest time was to take the pressure off my neck and get some pain relief. Chronic pain is a pain in the... well... neck. (okay, you can all stop rolling your eyes now). In any event, to this very day I still take an afternoon rest - sometimes I fall asleep, other times I don't. When I do happen to drift off to sleep, those are the times I have the most vividly detailed, wild, bizarre and just plain goofy dreams.

I've been a weird dreamer for as long as I can remember, and have even been known to write about them at times. Some of my long time readers will remember Corn Cob Man. Dreams are cool! Often, great ideas come to me in dreams, and when I attempt to work the dream-idea in real live application, it works beautifully. Its always a go-figure for me. I don't attempt to analyze my dreams or make a big deal out of them, they're just cool (most of the time). Almost like going to the movies without leaving the house!

all my female commenters look like this in real life!I had one of those goofy/bizarre dreams yesterday afternoon. I went up to the local coffee shop to get a cafe mocha. When I entered the coffee shop, I noticed a rather high profile blogger and his friend, a Christian apologist, sitting at their regular table enjoying a coffee together. (In real life, one of them detests coffee, so go figure on that one). Aside from the fact that neither of these people live anywhere near me (let alone the same country!), I thought nothing of the fact that they were in the local coffee shop. As I turned to head toward the cashier to order my mocha, I noticed a waitress (the coffee shop doesn't have waitresses - and this waitress in my dream was a blog commenter that doesn't have a blog of her own) serving coffee to other patrons. She was wearing what she always wears, whether at work, at the store, or anywhere else you ever see her in public - her full length Cinderella gown, complete with hair accessories, jewelry, gloves - the whole Disney Princess package. No one thought it odd in the least, that this waitress was dressed this way, this was normal for her.

I ordered my mocha, nodded a hello to the blogger and his apologist friend, chatted a moment with Cinderella the waitress, then left. End of dream.

I woke up and thought, either I've completely lost my marbles (I did step on one in the living room yesterday, I suspect it was one of mine), or I've spent too much time blogging and being forced to watch every animated Disney movie ever made. Maybe a combination of all three?

In any event, we're off to Toronto to the Sola Scriptura conference. I'm sure it will prove to be a great blessing & if I manage to get any pictures, I'll post those later tonight when we get home.
Have a great Saturday!

OH... and in case you're wondering who the blogger, apologist and commenter was, in my dream... I'm not telling! I'll let you all figure that out in the comments.