Monday, August 13, 2007


Whoever came up with the idea for VBS to begin at 9am, clearly wasn't thinking things through. I mean, it's summer vacation, I beg the question... who is actually up & presentable at 9am while they're on vacation? Okay someone must be I'm sure. I almost wasn't.

The kids look forward to this all year long, so last night I made sure I was tucked away in bed at a most reasonable hour. Apparently that didn't matter because when I woke up this morning it immediately occured to me I had 25 minutes to get 4 kids and myself ready to be out the door for the 20 minute drive to the church. On at least several occaisions in that 25 minutes, the word "gackenheimer!" was repeated. However, not only were we all out the door on time, everyone's face was clean - including mine. I'm thinking I should be wearing a superhero cape. (Although it really wouldn't cure the feeling I had after only 1/2 cup of coffee before heading out the door. There really ought to be a law about leaving one's home on only 1/2 cup of coffee.)

The important thing that happened today was, it was Ruth's very first VBS, and not only did she go, she wanted to go, and she never cried one time to be taken back to where mom & papa were, like she does every Sunday at church. She has graduated this day from "don't you DARE leave me with these other kids" to "go away you pesky parent, I am 4 and I have friends now!" I was so proud of her, and proud to hear from a few of the adult volunteers that she did really well today. When I arrived to pick the kids up, I immediately located three of them but after looking around for Ruth it stunned me to see her... ON stage, singing and dancing with other kids. Wait a minute, that's MY kid up there? The kid that clings to me a little tighter whenever I mention "Sunday School"?? Color me completely impressed.

All that made it completely worth it to be out the door on only 1/2 cup of coffee. I only hope the rest of the week goes as well!