Saturday, August 18, 2007

Saturday, On the Deck...

Jocelyn turns ONE!
It's going to be another busy day, as we celebrate the first birthday of THE cutest grand daughter in the history of all cute grand daughters. It's amazing how fast time goes by, and hard to believe she's already a year old.

Yesterday was the last day of VBS and we ended the week with a barbequed hot dog cookout. I want to share with you the message our pastor put on the church website yesterday:

"It was a great week as 54 children from ages 5-11 and over 20 adults and teens learned through the life of David to live for God day in and day out. Camp Iwillgoway encouraged all of us to trust God in any situation and to always go God's way no matter what - Our week was filled with action songs, interactive Bible stories, meaningful Bible verses, practical talks during each small group time, fun crafts and great games.What a great team God assembled for the week. I can't begin to tell you just how wonderful everyone was who took part throughout the week from Faithway. Special thanks to the Youth Leadership Team - Thanks for serving Christ and the children He loves so much, so well!" - Blessings, Pastor Ken

Before the last day's events ended, we were all there volunteering in whatever capacity we could be used. Jessica helped dish up lunch & put things away afterward, Kev barbequed so many hot dogs I think we all lost count, and I took pictures for the church website. Watching the kids sing & dance and have so much fun doing it, just tickled me to no end. The songs were fun & catchy and they were giving God the glory and having an absolute blast doing it. I wonder what the church at large would look like it adults had THAT much fun praising God?

Well, I'm off to bake 2 cakes, make a large vat of potato salad & load up the deck with balloons & streamers. Have a great Saturday!