Thursday, August 2, 2007


I don't know if it's because I'm a mom, or because I just think too much. I suppose it could very well be that I think too much because I'm a mom? In any event, if it were possible to broadcast my thoughts on a big screen, I suspect it might look like flipping through tv channels at a very high rate of speed - pausing just long enough to get a split second view of what was on, then moving to the next channel. For example, upon waking this morning here were my thoughts:

I'm out of butter
and eggs
I need to go to the store

whats that smell?
we need another fan
why is it so quiet?

And that was before I even got out of bed. The trip to the store this morning must happen because Kim is coming over and I already told her I was making blueberry buckle. Can't very well make that if I'm out of butter and eggs. The smell? Well... we have a cat. For now, anyway. We definitely need another fan in this house since the high today is once again 95 degrees and we only have three fans. It'd be nice to have one in every room.

It was quiet when I woke up because I was the first one awake! TA! It always feels like a wee little victory when I wake up before the kids & the dogs. That means I get to pour my coffee and go out on the deck without anyone following me or talking to me. Mornings should be very quiet so you can hear the birds & watch the sunrise.

Coffee on the deck at sunrise, should be mandatory. It really sets a nice tone to the day.

And with that, I'm off to the store to buy butter & eggs so I can buckle these blueberries & locate that smell. Gack... I love cats, but I hate this part.