Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Only 11 more days to go...

Over the last few days I've been incredibly busy. I've had a lot of time to think as I been gathering laundry, sweeping & vacuuming floors, moving furniture, straightening up 4 bookcases, scrubbing the sinks and straightening up the linen shelf in the bathroom. It seemed like every task I've finished only made me think of other tasks that still aren't done - such as cleaning the upstairs hall closet, gathering up the umpteenzillion bags of clothes for Goodwill, and finishing Samuel's walls... and cleaning the wood furnace... and getting lightbulbs for the basement so I can actually see what I'm doing down there.

Then a thought blasted through my brain like a lightning bolt: I'm nesting!

I'm getting all cleaning & unfinished projects done (or as close to done as possible) before the big event. Knowing full well that in just two weeks I wont have the time or the energy to tackle all these things, I'm doing everything I can to get them all done now.

No, we are not expecting baby #8, but we are expecting The First Day of School in just two weeks, and for this homeschooling mom that means 9 months of books, schedules, extra worksheets, science projects, field trips, snow days, holidays, and more than likely a fresh season of colds & flu viruses to deal with.

During the school year the actually schooling part of homeschooling is #1 in our house and the housework & home projects often fall behind, or just don't get done at all (the projects, that is). This year though I'm trying a new tactic and hoping to be able to stick with it, and hoping that it also works. Aside from the daily routine of gathering laundry & that sort of thing, I'm assigning myself and the kids 2 rooms a day through out the week for a serious clean up.

For example (and this isn't set in stone yet but just a rough idea of the way I want it to work):

Monday: Living room and dining room
Tuesday: both bathrooms
Wednesday: Gameroom & mud room (inside porch)
Thursday: Laundry room & loft (kid's play room/extra bedroom)
Friday: Each person's respective bedroom

The plan is, at least for now, that once we're done with school that we all gather in the day's assigned rooms and together - all 6 of us - clean the room from wall to wall. Dusting, vacuuming, and whatever else needs doing. My theory is, if we do this together and have a different set of rooms each day, that we'll be able to stay on top of the whole house, all school year long.

The added bonus being, that Saturday is left wide open for no chores (except dishes and laundry of course, that never stops) and Sunday still free to spend in church and then doing nothing but relaxing at home afterward.

As long as I've been homeschooling (it'll be 8 years in December) my house has never been on Good Housekeeping status from Sept.-June. As long as I have messy kids in my house, it likely never will be, but at least with a plan of attack for this school year we just might make a dent in it, and that's a good thing.