Thursday, August 16, 2007

Now This is Just Weird

Jocelyn being extremely cool, and her OLD grandma?It should come as no stunning revelation that there are plenty of weird things in this world. Everyone has a "that's weird!" list. Here's part of mine.

• I am the same age now, as Elvis Presley was when he died, and I'm a grandma. I love being a grandma but the weird part to me is how well I remember the day the news broke. I was at my gma & gpa's house and whatever gpa was watching on tv was interrupted for a breaking news segment to make the announcement.

Because it is such a vivid memory to me it seems so weird that it was 30 years ago. What's even more weird, is that for a 12 year old, Elvis was "old" when he died. Ahem.

• Kids who are required to resume their schooling for the "fall" quarter, and that quarter starts in August. Now that's just weird no matter what school district you live in. How in the world can you force kids to sit in class in August, when the sun is shining, the pool or beach is waiting, and there are frisbees to toss, baseball games to play, sleepovers & camp outs that haven't happened yet, and bonfires to be lit? School in August... just plain weird.

• I guess they'd be called non-drug-induced flashbacks. I'm sure other folks have them (anyway I hope I'm not the only one) but these are wee little slices of time when you suddenly remember something from when you were a little kid. Something about the way the sun was shining through the clouds yesterday morning took me back just for a few seconds, to the one time I attended VBS when I was a kid. My church didn't have it so I went with a friend from school to theirs, and they had a bus that picked up the kids from the west side of town. For just a few seconds yesterday morning I remembered the anticipation and excitement I felt while riding the bus across the bridge on my way to VBS. The conversations the kids were having in the van while I was having this mini-flashback sounded exactly like the ones we had on the bus, when I was 10 years old. Those things are weird, but weird in a good way.

• A comment my 8 yr old genius made today in the van. Out of nowhere she says "hey everyone, lets look out the window and spot old people". Before I even had a chance to ask her why in the world she was doing that she said "look, a cemetary, lots of old people there!" and they all laughed. My kids are definitely weird. For some twisted reason, the first thing I thought when she said that was "yep, every one of them past their pull date". I didn't say it though, because then they'd think I was weird too. I suspect that may be true.

• In an ironic twist of events, I've made it ALL summer without having to drain my pool once, and start over with fresh water. I've been able to keep up the daily routine to keep it clean and sparkling all summer long. Not only is this weird, it's a first in all the years I've had a pool.

There was really no good reason for posting this except its what was on my mind today.