Friday, August 31, 2007

Friday Randomness


What follows is not a real blog post. Had this been an actual blogpost, you would be inclined to comment and say good stuff. This is just random stuff that doesn't fit anywhere else:

• Miracle Whip is the arminianism of sandwich spread. Real Calvinists eat mayo.

• I heard an owl outside last night but when I went out with the flashlight, I couldn't find him. Owls are very cool. A great shot of one of those would have made a stunning Friday Photo. We'll see what we can do about locating him around dusk!

• Speaking of Friday Photo, rumor has it that there's a spider the size of a moose (if I've told these kids a million times to stop embellishing, they never listen!) in the garage. I haven't seen him (or her?) yet, but I'm going in there today so I'll be sure and ask him to pose for the camera. For those of you that loathe spiders, you've been warned!

• The store's newsletter is up.

• Annette asked a great question in the combox of my Felix the Mom post.

• Speaking of great questions, pastor Paul had one this week too, about modesty and women's check lists. Ladies, go read it and tell him what you think.

• My son turns 7 on Sunday, and we're having his party tomorrow. He's requested hot dogs for dinner and strawberries and cream cake. Oh, he also wants Spiderman, robots and dinosaurs for his birthday. There was a time when he wanted nothing to do with Spiderman. He actually informed me that he (Spiderman) was very bad, and in hell. When I asked him what made him say that, he said "because he's scary and bad". Made sense to me.

• I had a few other randomish type things to say but someone just PM'd me and we have to talk about stuff now, and then I have to go make pancakes. The kids have been so helpful this week on our new chore routine, they're getting pancake day, a day early.

very cool bug Well, it's not the moose-sized spider rumored to be living in the garage (I went in, didn't see him, but did see his web and it spans from here to Vancouver, I tell ya!) but he's even cooler!

Not a clue what he is yet, but I'm on my way to the Bug Guide to find out.

Click the image for a larger view.