Friday, August 24, 2007

Friday Photo

As a rule, I don't normally go around befriending 8 legged beasties. There are however exceptions to every rule, and sometimes we have to make concessions when it comes to rules.

Out of common courtesy to those who suffer from arachnaphobia (among whom is my mommy, and if she sees this picture she might fly out here and slug me, or disown me, or both) I'm going to STRONGLY WARN you, to not scroll down and view this picture.

And whatever you do, do NOT click on it ZOOM IN to see the detail of the hairy legs & eyes. No, do not do that.

For the rest of you, I give you Spidey, my new pal who is helping me with the wretched housefly problem I'm having right now.


Spidey made his grand entrance on my living room wall, while I was folding laundry & swatting away at the flies.