Friday, August 3, 2007

Friday Photo & other trivial goodies

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On my 64th birthday, I want to be able to do this with my grandchildren. See the full size pic here (it's worth it to see the expressions on their faces).

I love herons. I need one as a pet, and I'd name him Horatio. See the larger size here.

In other news, I've updated our Rolfe's Amazon page and the Sovereign Grace Books blog. If you've never shopped through our amazon portal, it's the same amazon you're familiar with - we've just highlighted what we think is the best they have to offer from a family friendly format. If you've never visited the book blog, you're in for a real treat. Mostly its great books, but a few audio cds, dvds and gift ideas too.

The store's weekly newsletter is also online now, and even though the buy 3 get 1 free sale is now over, go and check out the new note cards (there are now 21 cards to choose from) & new ladies Christian t-shirt. Be sure to use that coupon code in the sidebar when ordering, for an even better deal!

In other news...

Kim came for a visit yesterday, and even though she was nearly an hour late getting here, since she was partying it up with Dennis Hopper on the way, we had a really good time, as usual. I can't stress enough how important it is to have good Christian friends that you can vent to, laugh with, pray for, and eat blueberry buckle with. Even if they do make fun of you when a wasp (he was huge, the size of Idaho, I'm tellin ya!) lands in your hair. For the record, it was a very ladylike and dignified scream that came out of me. Well... sorta.

And still more trivialities that may or may not interest you...

Carla, by Sunday eveningIt's going to be a very busy weekend. Today I have 97 billion must-do errands to run, then we're having friends over this evening. Kev insisted I make buttertarts, so I'll be baking in 90+ degree weather. He's insane I tell ya. For tomorrow, I've been recruited to take 2 of my older daughters shopping tomorrow. Me... shopping. All my kids know how I feel about shopping (which is why I have ONLINE shopping opportunities for other folks who feel the same way I do). But I promised, and a promise is a promise. Gack, the things we do for our kids. Sunday after church we're having Jessica's 17th birthday party and friends & family will begin descending on RolfeLand as early as Saturday night. I have no idea what kind of cake she even wants, but whatever it is, it means I'll be baking again on Saturday. More insanity.

It'll all be worth it though, because staying that busy means someone else has to do the laundry!