Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Today while driving to the church to pick up the kids from VBS, I decided to skip the music stations and check out the Christian station. I very rarely ever listen to the Christian station except if I'm in the van at 10:30 when Pastor John MacArthur is on, because like most everywhere else, Christian radio is 80% junk and 20% good stuff. I was hoping to tune in to the good stuff.

What they were playing was James MacDonald's show called Walk in the Word. Now, I don't really know much about this ministry and for that reason I'm a bit reluctant to give it a solid endorsement, but today what I heard I sure liked. He was speaking on the power of personal conviction as it pertains to forgiveness. An absolutely critical topic to any believer, and one that we should each strive diligently to understand and practice. I know it's certainly an area where I could use a lot more growth in, so the message was timely.

You can listen to this message here (parts 1 and 2) Registration is free and listening to the daily broadcasts is also free. I'm currently downloading both parts of this message for others in my house to listen to as well.