Friday, August 10, 2007

Blogger Meme

I saw this at Kim's and Elle's yesterday and it looked like fun. So here we go:

1. What was the first blog you read? The first blog I read was a horrible piece of slanderous, heretical, blasphemous junk. Someone dropped a link into a chat room and the link itself looked perfectly safe, something about Christianity, and I clicked on it much to my disgust once I arrived. I think that was either late 2003 or early 2004. That one doesn't count though!

The first good blog I ever read was either Rebecca's or Marla Swoffer's (who is no longer blogging but I'm waving at her anyway!). I vividly recall thinking "women writing about doctrine, I love this!"

2. Do you still read that blog? I sure do, she's on my bloglines and I read every post.

3. Do you have a blog crush, in other words, is there a blogger you’d love to meet? I wouldn't call it a crush but a respect and admiration. I'm 42 and married, I'm not allowed to have a crush. With that said, there are numerous bloggers I'd love to meet, such as Phil and Darlene (like Kim mentioned on her blog, even though Darlene doesn't blog per se, I also consider her part of the team at TP!), and Jen, Libbie, David, Steve and Nate. I've already met (and consider her one of my dearest friends ever) Southern Ontario's coolest blogger, The Apologist from Arizona, and The World's Most Famous Christian Blogger®, and meeting them all was a lot of fun. (We really should plan some kind of Blogger Bash where we all meet in one spot for a weekend or something. Wouldn't that be cool?)

4. Upon meeting would you crumble and mumble under the pressure, blurt out something incoherent, or blush madly? Um... no. When I meet people for the first time I'm generally rather quiet & do more listening than talking. I know that might unusual from such an opinionated person as myself, but it's true. Well, except for the first (and last...hmmm) time I went to Kim's and slipped on the fall leaves on her back stairs and fell face first into the driveway. I wasn't very quiet then, but those were extenuating circumstances. I think Buggy booby-trapped the place hoping to off me so I wouldn't crush him at badminton again!

5. If you could have a long, leisurely lunch with one blogger whom you’ve never met, who would it be? It's really hard to pick just one blogger because all of them that I read are just so deep and fascinating. However, I am going to pick one and she doesn't even have a blog, that would have to be Darlene Johnson. She's been a huge blessing and encouragement to me and a long, leisurely lunch sounds like loads of fun.

Thankfully there were no tagging rules on this because I never know who to tag or if they'll just ignore it. I mean, could tag Michelle Malkin and Sean Hannity, but they never answer me anyway so what's the point, eh? :-)