Sunday, August 19, 2007

About that Facebook thing

Joshua Harris has a survey on it, Tim Challies has an opinion on it, Timmy Brister has questions about it and everyone and their dog is friends with 900 other Facebookers at the site itself. Really, it isn't all that complicated and in my ever so humble opinion, hyped to be a lot more of a big deal than it really is.

Yes, I have a facebook page.

Carla Rolfe's Facebook profile

I'll take a shot at Joshua Harris' survey questions:

1. How many times a day do you check your Facebook account?

A day? Maybe more like 3-4 times a week, if that. If someone tags me in a note or sends some sort of nifty message, I might log on more than that.

2. What do you do when someone you don't know wants to be your friend? This hasn't happened to me yet but it might, and I was homeschooled so I'm not sure what I'll do.

I ignored them and they went away. I see no reason whatsoever to feel obligated to accept such a request from strangers, other than to make myself look impressive to those who are impressed by such dippy things as seeing 452 friends in the sidebar. Currently, I have 31 friends. Six of those are family, eleven I have actually met or know in person, and the rest are folks I've known online for several years, or through blogging & chat.

3. What's the most useful thing about Facebook?

The answer to that will vary depending on why you have one. I get visitors to my store and this blog from there, and I stay in touch with friends & family there that feel more comfortable communicating there, than in email or blogging.

4. Are there any really cool add-ons that I should know about?

There are so many applications you can add on, I've never seen them all. A lot of people really like the Verse of the Day applications. You can also add a book list, sermon list, videos and pretty much anything else you can think of - and/or had never thought of. Plus, for .75 (facebook foodfight money, it doesn't really cost anything) you can hurl a tomato at Tim Challies. Need I say more?

5. Does your church use Facebook to build "community" online? Give examples. I found out my church already has a group. I'm curious what other churches are doing.

My church doesn't have one but I know of some that do. Because you can keep your group private (somewhat, there's always the occaisional riff raff that tends to show up, somehow) it's a nice way to connect online with your church family for things that will only pertain to your own local church.

6. Is it true that some people have dumped email and mostly use Facebook to communicate?

I wouldn't be surprised, but those are probably the same people that get up at 3 am to use the washroom and have to stop and "just check my email" and go on Facebook for 3 hours. I can't see why anyone else would dump email for Facebook.

7. How do respond when someone posts on your wall? Do you post on their wall, on your own? I'm not clear on this.

I was informed early on that writing on your own wall makes you a doofus. You click wall-to-wall or send a private message if you want to respond. I don't spend a lot of wall time anyway.

8. I joined a group for Humble Orthodoxy and New Attitude. I also considered joining a group called "Josh Harris Ruined My Dating Life" but I was afraid I would spoil the fun they were having. But, boy, could I give them scoop on what a jerk I am. Any other groups I should think about joining?

Again, that all depends on your common interests. If you're into knitting socks for one eyed lemurs with a limp and a skin rash, I'm sure there's a Facebook group for it. You just have to browse the lists to see what's there.

9. A more serious question: Are there any unique spiritual pitfalls or temptations that you've encountered on Facebook? How have you responded?

Like with any online service (forums, chats, groups, etc.) there are potential spiritual pitfalls. I simply avoid the trash & questionable things - I have no time for it or use for it.

10. What does it mean to "poke" someone. How does that work?

It means exactly what it says. It's like poking someone with your poke finger, except doing it electronically. I poke my kids on there quite often, and they poke back. Completely useless but fun. I poke them in real life too.

11. Why do so many girls use a picture of themselves that includes three other friends? Is this like visiting the ladies room in herds? Is this something I'll never understand as a man?

I'm going to assume Adam was asking his sons this question and they were also asking their brothers and sons. I have no idea why girls do this, or why they go to the washroom in teams, or do each other's make up. I never got that part of girlhood, and I still don't. Rest assured there are many other women out here that also do not understand this mentality.

I hope that helps.