Thursday, July 26, 2007

Urgent Prayer


While I would definitely much rather sit here tonight and unwind & relax from the exciting vacation I just had, that's a little hard to do. When we arrived home we learned that as of Tuesday evening, the OPP (Ontario Provincial Police) were issuing a very strong warning to folks in rural areas north of London (that's us). The warning is to keep your eyes peeled and your doors locked.

I've checked the news sources to verify as much as I can, and the gist of it is this:

A 22 year old man, Jesse Imeson is wanted for murder (a bartender he met last week, and an elderly couple in the farming community just west of me) and AT LARGE in my area - or so they think. The last place he was known to be, was in my general area. The police (from news reports) believe he purposely targetted the rural farmhouse to aquire their vehicle and weapons, since he knew he was already wanted for the murder of the bartender.

In any event, they haven't caught him yet and folks in my part of the country aren't too happy about that. Last I heard he will be featured on Saturday's America's Most Wanted, and this case & his profile is already up on their main page.

Yes I know this sort of thing happens in the big city all the time, and yes I know God is in complete control. Thing is, I don't live in the city for JUST this reason, and even though I know God is in control, this is still rather unsettling - especially considering this man apparently targetted a rural farmhouse (like mine) on purpose, and is likely looking for a new vehicle, since the authorities know exactly what he was last driving.

It's just all very unsettling. Please pray for the families of the people he's already killed, and that he would be caught before anyone else gets hurt?


Last night I signed up for a google alert so I'd be instantly notified of any new developments on this case. This morning the report is that 1. he's still at large and 2. they found one of the cars that was stolen, abandoned about an hour west of us. There are a lot of people in my area (farming country) that are pretty shaken up about all this - and understandably so. Crime like this just does not happen out here, and many of these folks are 3rd, or 4th generation farming families that have never locked their doors.

Thank you for your continued prayer in this situation. I'll update again as soon as I know anything else.