Monday, July 9, 2007


I'm going to assume you've heard of google trends? If not, it's pretty much exactly what it sounds like - the current TOP searches at google. You might find that interesting, but I find it rather bizarre, since EVERY time I go and take a looksee at the latest google trends, I don't know 98% of the names/search terms being trendy.

I can't figure it out. I know I don't have my head in the sand - not purposefully anyway. I read the news, I listen to talk radio. If it's going on, even if I couldn't care less about it, at least I've heard of it. This is not usually the case with google trends, no matter when I go there.

So this is a test. Partly to see if it's accurate (hits will determine that) and partly to see if you are as in the dark as I am, or if I'm the only one. Tell me how many of these you've heard of in the last week:

1. Syvette Wimberly
(related searches:lara madden, wimberly, syvette wimberley, laura madden, svette wimberly).
Apparently this is an actress in *adult* films who is some legal hot water for using a former friend's real name, as her own, in her films. The fact that this is the #1 search in google trends, is quite telling what is the #1 interest among the majority of google users.

2. home run derby
(related searches: home run, home run derby mlb, home run contest, home run derby 07, home run derby participants 2007 )
"The Home Run Derby is an event played prior to the Major League Baseball All-Star Game. It is a contest among the top home run hitters in Major League Baseball to determine who can hit the most home runs. The event is currently sponsored by State Farm Insurance. Former sponsors include Century 21 Real Estate and Service Merchandise." - courtesy Wikipedia.

3. Dan Patrick
(related searches: dan patrick big announcement, dan patrick announcement, dan patrick price is right, dan patrick show, dan patrick espn )
Dan Patrick leaving ESPN. Okay.

4. Brandi Hawbaker
(related searches: orangemail, evelyn ng, clonie gowen, jennifer harman, poker news )
Someone connected to poker. I was too lazy to check why she's in the news.

5. 1 18 08
(related searches: j j abrams, 1-18-08, the invasion, jj abrams, 1.18.08 )
A much hyped (not that I've heard word one about it) monster movie due to be released January 18, 2008. "The film revolves around a monster attack in New York as told from the point of view of a small group of people" -

6. Turtle Island
(related searches: mahmoud abbas, turtle island fiji, where is turtle island, turtle islands, verses tv )
I couldn't figure this one out. If you can, please tell me.

7. Kelly Nolan
(related searches: channel 15, madison news, kelly nolan madison wi, kelly nolan missing, nbc 15 )
Now this one I have read about. Missing University of Wisconsin-Whitewater student. I've seen reports about this on FOX news. Too much of this going on and I hope her family will be comforted by Godly people during this horrible time.

8. All Star Game
(related searches: all star games, mlb all star, all star game mlb, all star game san francisco, mlb all star game )
More sports stuff.

9. nystce
(related searches: googletoolbar, culinary institute of america, google desktop, last minute airfares, culinary school )
I just do NOT get this one.

10. sputum
(related searches: katie couric sputum, jerry cipriano, sputum definition, katie couric, sputum couric )
Bascially massive amounts of gossip about Katie Couric not liking the word sputum & then slapping someone over it. I'm not big on that word either, but who cares? Apparently, lots of google users care that Katie doesn't like it.

So there we have it, the top 10 google trends as of 9:25pm July 9, 2007. It changes quite frequently, so if you go there even 10 minutes from now, the top 10 will probably be a little different (they actually shifted in the time it took me to compose this) than the ones listed here.

Now if you're wondering what this has to do with anything of value, I'll tell you. First of all, I find it interesting that with our modern evangelical cry of "being relevant" to a lost community, and even though I THOUGHT I stayed up to date on what is of interest/newsworthy, I am about as irrelevant as it gets. I am aware of/informed of exactly 2 things on this top 10 list. Check out the top 100 too. My awareness of those things is just as bad - except for maybe the Bionic woman (Jamie Summers, okay?), and Underdog - the coolest superhero EVER. All those other things? Completely lost on me. What's more, I don't care. I don't have enough time in the day to be up to date on all those things - and even more than that, most of them are a complete waste of time/brain cell power to even think about.

Which brings me to my next point. Look at the categories of the top 10:

Pre-marital sex, sports, violence, gossip, entertainment & gambling. While I realize that's prime fodder for such things as an emerging pastor's sermon for next Sunday, for most Christians those are the things we lament over, and wish the world wasn't so consumed with. Those are the things we give God all the praise for, for delivering us FROM. No doubt Charles Spurgeon preached a single sermon on all of these things that would have left us all hanging our heads in shame. (Standard disclaimer that while sports & entertainment are not inherently sinful per se, and while most of us enjoy one or both on a regular basis - an unbalanced obsession with either or both certainly is a form of idolatry).

I wonder what a Christian Google Trends top 10 would look like? Hey... now there's an idea for someone with the tech-geek know-how.