Tuesday, July 3, 2007


Sorry, my brain is closed It's funny sometimes how things happen. Being away from home for several days I had a lot of time to think about things without the regular at-home distractions. No computers, no phones (this is intentional) and just a lot of outdoor activity. Then I come home and sit down to write about something that was on my mind, and I might as well have been wearing this hat. The thing I was going to write about just didn't seem important anymore.

One of the things that did strike me however, as we were driving through small country/farm towns on the way to the beach, is that the country makes you think.

City driving doesn't make you think, it only scatters your brain with so many lights and signs, ads & distractions that you don't have time to think. There are people, buildings, busy intersections and so much going on packed into such relatively small places, that it's just an assault on your brain to filter it all & stay focused on whats important. I don't like the city, don't like driving in it, living in it, shopping in it or being in it for any reason at all - and I avoid it as much as possible. The only time I can ever remember actually liking the city was when I was a little girl and we'd drive through a big city at night. The variety of lights were like a firework show. Other than that - I just stay as far away as I can, as often as I can.

Country driving however, is exactly the opposite. Wide open farmland, trees and wildlife, with the occasional tractor, pond, creek, garden or hand made wooden furniture shop.

It's a different life in the country. It's a slower life, and a quiet life. I know some people can't stand to be out in the country because they consider it boring - nothing to look at, they say. I beg to differ! There is plenty to look at and plenty to consider. As you watch the sun set (or rise) across a wide open field and see the rays dancing through the misty air, filtering through the pine trees, you cannot help but think of God. It's absolutely impossible. When you watch an enormous hawk fly up into a tree, or see those absolutely adorable baby raccoons cross the road in front of you, or the deer leap through a corn field, or the great blue heron feeding in the stream. You know that sun, those trees, those rays, that mist, the deer, hawk, raccoons, heron - all of it - had a Creator. You know it, even if you deny it outwardly, you know it inwardly, and I suspect that's the (one of them anyway) real reason there are a lot of people that just don't like being in the country. The country makes you think.

Being in the country forces your brain to slow down and acknowledge His creation.

For me, there is no better place to be.