Saturday, July 28, 2007

Summer Trip 2007: Day Three

Wednesday July 25 – Clear & sunny, high of 85

The day began around 6am on the pier with myself, Kev and Mr. Heron. He was gracious enough to stand around and pose while I took numerous shots of him.

Great Blue Heron

After breakfast the kids came down to the pier to discover a family of minks in the fish house. I’m not sure if more than one mink is still mink, or if that’s minks, but either way there they were. The owner of the cottages showed up with a net pole to poke around under the sinks to get them to come out. He says they have a family of them every year & they really like the fish house. I didn’t get a picture because by the time I got back down there they had already taken off.

Finally after a whole year of hearing from Kev and his dad Len about how I would be wiped out at the sandbanks, today was THE day. Boy was I ever going to show them! The way the sandbanks run works is essentially this:

You climb the incredibly steep sand dune, then on the count of 3 you all run down as fast as you can (without falling!) and race straight into the water. Sounds simple enough, right? WRONG. (Sidenote – there will be more pictures coming soon to prove every word I type here, and they will not be pretty. I did take my camera bag with me but once up there had to put it down since there is no way you can run with anything in your hands!)

The view from the bottom - yes - those are people on top of the dune

So we arrive around 11 am and except for Samuel, all the kids go with Gma Grace. They’re going to walk along the beach and we’re going to hike up the dune and meet them down the beach a little way. The hike up the dune was absolutely exhausting. It’s not the easiest thing in the world anyway to walk in sand, but to walk uphill in it, and a steep hill at that in the hot sun, was enough to make me stop once for a few seconds and wonder if I’d even make it. After I caught my breath, I finally did make it up. Whew. It was only after that hike UP, that I realized just how steep it would be coming down. I was SO ready for this, after hearing for a year from Kev’s dad such gracious and warm sentiments as “you’re goin’ DOWN” and “you’re mine, come summer of 2007”. We’re all very competitive, can you tell?

Well there we were at the top of the dune, and it was about to be every man for himself. We gave Samuel a bit of a headstart and after ready, set, go... we came flying down the hill. Kev and Len were already laughing within seconds and I made the mistake of listening to them. That's when I sustained speed wobble and went down into the sand. They were still running (you don't have much of a choice, you either run or you roll, it's that steep) and I after I got up and stopped laughing, I caught up with Samuel and we finished the race. We lost but we didn't care. Once we got to the bottom of the hill however we were informed that Grace wasn't ready with the camera so we had to do it again!

Up the dune we went, and Samuel & Ruth came this time too. At the top we pick a different spot to start the race, behind a few low shrubs. I don't know who's brilliant idea this was, but the object was to jump over the shrubs and once you land, you start running. Samuel and Ruth had a headstart and then our race was on. Ready, set, go! We all cleared the shrubs just fine, and that's where the race ended for me. After landing, Kev (who was in the middle) elbowed his poor, 64 year old dad on his right side, and then elbowed me (his dear, adoring wife) on the left side. Len kept his balance and kept running but I wasn't so fortunate. Kev elbowed me so hard that my feet left the sand and as that happened I saw a tree coming my way (technically I was heading toward the tree but that's nit picking). I knew I was going to hit so I just closed my eyes & hoped it wouldn't hurt too bad. CRACK, right into the bottom of the tree with a limb across my shin. Thankfully that & a few scratches from the branches were my only injuries and even though within seconds I had a big ole goose egg on my shin, it wasn't really that bad. It hurt, but nothing broken. So I just grabbed the camera bag & hobbled down the dune, disqualified from the race by a victory hungry weekend athlete, aka Kev. The nerve of some people!

He had no idea what he'd done and he did apologize of course, but I'm still burning his dinner for the next month, just to pay him back. That sounds fair, right? The most ironic thing of all, is that after a year of comments from his dad, Kev was the one to attempt to take us BOTH out! Some people's children, I'm tellin' ya. We will be coming back next year, and someone is going down. I wont name names but it starts with a K and ends with an evin. Ta!

After all that, we swam & played frisbee on the beach & had a late lunch. Then we headed to a roadside ice cream shop and had yummy ice cream cones then headed back to the cottage. The kids played down by the water & we relaxed on the deck.

Kev & kids at the beach

and that would be... me!

At almost sundown, we took another ferry ride so the kids could see the bay at night from a water view. A nice man on the ferry told us that the house just to the left of the ferry dock was the house that the first Canadian Prime Minister John A McDonald, grew up in. I have been able to confirm that his father worked in the mill (that still stands there) but that's as far as I've been able to confirm. In any event, it was incredible to watch the sun go down from the water.


Sunset over Picton Bay

We made a quick Tim Horton's run (well of course we did) then headed back to the cottage to watch the fireflies dance over the grass. Another most amazing day, even if I do have a Sandbanks Lump, to take home with me.

You can see the other pictures of day 3, here.