Monday, July 30, 2007

Summer Trip 2007: Day Four

Thursday, July 26 - clear & sunny, high of 85

Time to go home. :-( After an early morning coffee down at the water

Kev & Samuel

Then an early morning swim for Rachel


We were all packed up and saying our goodbyes at 9:45 am.

Jordan and her new friend

We're sure going to miss this place!

Of course there was the obligatory pre-highway Tim Hortons run where in-van photography is always a hit:

our driver, Kev

Me, and some goofball from the back seat

and then we were headed for home. We had a perfectly uneventful trip home, and made a stop at The Big Apple (which is exactly what it sounds like, a great big apple on the side of the highway) and Kev broke down and bought a pie. You know, if there were a village filled with people like Kev, you could use pie as your secret weapon and take down the village in a matter of moments. You wouldn't even need forks.

Anyway, it was a perfect vacation, with perfect weather, fantastic scenery, well behaved kids 99.99% of the time (when Ruth finally outgrows her drama queen phase, there will be much rejoicing in the land!) and we are sure glad to have had the opportunity to do this.

Merland ParkBefore I close my Summer 2007 Vacation Log, I really have to put a plug in for Merland Park Cottages, in Picton Ontario. If you're anywhere near the area (and we're 4+ hours away) and you're looking for a fun & relaxing family vacation spot, this one is it. The cottages are clean & well stocked, the folks are friendly & helpful, they have boat rentals & fishing off the dock (and the fish are HUGE, if that matters to anyone), onsite pool & playground, and it's close to all kinds of good stuff like the Sandbanks Provincial Park, restaurants, hiking, biking & all that good stuff.

We've already inquired about a cottage rental for 2008 (and so has at least one other local blog reader!) so if you're thinking about going next summer, who knows... we might be there the same week!

You can see more of day four here, along with all the uploaded pics of Summer Trip 2007.