Friday, July 20, 2007

Recipe for Extreme Frustration

Take 1 part dial up, add equal parts of Windows Vista and IE7. Sit and wait. Wait some more. Reload, refresh, reboot and wait some more.

Ever since we moved to the country and moved from high speed cable to dial up access, life online took a turn for the slow. When I say slow, picture cold molasses in Alaska, in the dead of winter - slow. They say country living is a slower pace, but I have a hunch this is not what they had in mind.

The fact that everything online has switched over in the last several years to accomodate high speed access users has pretty much left us dial up folks in the ancient past. Youtube & downloading larger files takes forever, and for that reason I rarely do either. You can use one of the "accelerators" but from what I understand all they really do is squish graphics so the pages load a little faster. My dial up service has one built in, and it does make a difference when I use it, but it actually makes it more problematic for uploads or downloads, so I have to turn it off when I'm doing that.

Ever since I upgraded to IE7, I've had nothing but problems. A few months ago we re-did the deal with Dell and since all they have on their new systems is Vista, that's what we got. BLECH! I don't know if it's just Vista, or the combo of Vista and dial up and IE7 (or some variation thereof) but it's been a monumental headache. IE7 crashes constantly, and usually when I'm in the middle of something important that hasn't been saved yet.

So, on the advice of everyone in the free world, I downloaded Firefox. Did it make a difference? No it did not. In fact, sometimes it seems much slower using Firefox.

All this to say, my online experience is finally and genuinely getting on my last nerve.

Of course the news is not all bad, there are some pretty nifty bells and whistles with Vista, IE7 and Firefox, but the bugs with Vista and IE7 and the fact that I'm on dial up with any of them makes the bad outweigh the good. I check at least once every couple of months to see if there is an alternative out here in the middle of nowhere, and the answer is still no - unless I want to pay upwards of $350 bucks for the survey, install & equipment for some fancy dan high tech service being offered - and all that without any guarantee that we have a clear signal out here from the tower (survey fee is non-refundable, but thanks for coming out).

So yes I'm cranky and crabby. Yes I'm complaining and yes I'm whining. What probably takes you 5 minutes to do online, can take me over an hour, and that's IF the browser doesn't crash and IF I'm not suddenly disconnected from my ISP, which also happens at least 5 times a day (sometimes much more, and it just happened while composing this, which really does make me grateful for blogger's new auto-save every few minutes - it's saved me more times than I can count).

For that reason, I'm going to take a bit of a break. It's not going to fix anything while I'm gone, but it might fix my attitude. I'm going to spend an ample amount of time this weekend getting stuff done in and around my house, and then on Monday I'm leaving for the beach for the week. I expect to have tons and tons of pictures when I get home - that will take forever to upload but that's not the point.

I might pop in once or twice more before I leave, but if not I hope you all have a super-fantastic weekend, and coming week.

Make sure you leave me TONS of comments while I'm gone so that I feel loved and appreciated and all that stuff that us overly emotional & tempermental women are prone to experiencing. You may even discuss pteradactyls & schmeradactyls if you like. If you don't know what those are, you missed a most entertaining comment party when Phil was gone from blogging once.

And now, I'm off. God's best blessings to you!