Monday, July 9, 2007

Random 5 Meme: Part Duex


I was afraid to tell you this, but you answered the wrong questions. The upside is that you have to do another post. It's required. Really. :) (Because if you don't, everyone will know what a genuine meat-head you really are, and we don't want that now, do we?)

1) What's the worst weather event you've ever experienced?
2) What was your scariest encounter with wildlife?
3) What's your favourite story in scripture?
4) Can you bait your own hook? Your bait of choice?
5) What is your favourite musical genre? Favourite artist or group?

Love Always, Jen

Well then, apparently I answered the wrong random 5, in the random 5 meme. So then... onto the correct set of questions:

Worst weather event: that would have to be the whiteout Kev and I drove in, the first year we lived in the country. Or... it might also be that Sunday morning that Kev was working and so the kids and I were having church at home, and by 9am the sky was black as night and the lightning and thunder and the winds and the rain were so scary we were sure we'd end up in Kansas by the time it was over. Or... it could have been the ice storm in late winter this year that took down the tree in our yard - that we watched fall, at 2 am. Weather is cool, man.

Scariest wildlife encounter: There was a time when I was a kid and we (our family and the grandparents) were having a picnic somewhere at a picnic table and suddenly gpa said "Estella (my mom) get those kids in the car right now and leave the food". We had no idea why gpa said that, but by the time we were in the car and the windows were rolled up, there were bears eating our lunch - and the brown paper bags it rode in on.. There was a another time we were at the African Wildlife Safari in Oregon (you drive through the different sections) and the rhino started at the top of the hill with his head down, and charged my gparent's car that was right in front of us. We watched him barrel down the hill and we were sure they were toast, but either he stopped short or they moved quick enough, I don't recall which. Oh, and then there was that time when we lived in the So. California desert and a BIG ole black bear came to the pool for a drink, no less than 2 minutes after I'd been cleaning it. I hung up the net and sat down on the porch and looked back at the pool and there he was, big as life - lapping up the yummy chlorinated pool water. He was standing in the exact same spot I was just standing in, when I hung up the net - so obviously he was VERY close behind me in the sagebrush, while I was cleaning. Gack! Wildlife is cool too, at a distance.

Favorite story in Scripture: that's too hard, there are so many! One of the first that came to mind however when I read that question, was the Drop Dead Theology shown to the believers the day Aninias and Sapphira decided to hold back what they'd promised. Can you imagine if God did that today on a worldwide scale? Even just one event in every city would be so profound it would stun the entire world. It might wake up some lukewarm believers, too.

Bait your own: well, yes I could, but why would I want to, since I hate fish? When I was a kid I used to go fishing all the time because I loved to fish, but I always threw back my catch. Catching it was the fun part, and yes I baited my own hook with those nasty tube worms that lived under the docks. The only way I'd eat fish is if I had to - like in the case of a global meltdown or something when cheeseburgers were no longer available. And yes, I'd bait my own hook with whatever I had to bait it with. I'm a homeschool mom, we can do ANYTHING! (We don't usually boast of it, but we're like the domestic versions of superheros, you know? Oh, and we don't wear superhero spandex either, we generally wear rather conservative clothing so that we blend in well in crowds. Besides, spandex is evil.)

What is your favourite musical genre? Favourite artist or group? I'm going to have to give a multi-part answer to this.

Christian: Favorite genre within Christian music: old time hymns. Favorite artist within the Christian genre: Steve Camp. There are other really good ones I'm sure, but I don't bother to listen to much Christian music outside of Campi's and old hymns - partly because I'm lazy and partly because I already like what I listen to and I'm an old stick in the mud that doesn't like new things.

Secular: classic rock - late 60's to mid 70's. Favorite bands/singers: Kansas, Boston, Chicago, James Taylor, Fleetwood Mac - those are just off the top of my head. I don't listen to every song from every artist/band, but I appreciated the talen these artists had, and loved the musical style.

I hope those are the right questions, and if not... I'll just pretend they were. And I'm not tagging anyone, so there. Oh, and Jen didn't really say that part about me being a meat-head, but she was prolly thinking it all the same). Oh, and I'm not tagging anyone either, so there.