Monday, July 30, 2007

Proof it really happened

What you are about to witness, is a pictorial account of what I described on Day 3 of our vacation. Essentially, this is the frame by frame evidence showing whyyou should NEVER run down a sand dune, with Kevin "Bulldozer" Rolfe. The red arrow in the picture below indicates my general location after less than 6 feet from the starting line (you can click any of them to enlarge):

At the top of the world, in more ways than one

Ruth gets the first headstart

Samuel gets the second headstart

after jumping the bushes, Kev knocks me into the trees - that flesh colored lump in the shrubs, is me

The race is on! (I'm still in the tree)

Gpa gains on Samuel

Kev cheats! and takes the shortcut

Ruth leaves them all in her dust... er... sand?

Ruths runs as fast as her little legs can carry her, as the old guys catch up to her (yep, I'm still in the tree, and none of them even knew it!)

Here they come!!

Gpa takes the lead

the Wife Tossing Tree Thumper/ShortCut Taking Cheater Man comes out of nowhere and takes the lead

resting at the finish line (I'm out of the tree now, limping down the dune with a goose egg on my shin)

they come looking for me when they realized I never came down with them

I don't remember what I was saying, but Tree Tosser was clearly denying it with great gusto

Next year... he's going down. If I have to trip him, he is going down. Oh yes.