Saturday, July 7, 2007

Not for the Birds

Yesterday morning I was woken up by a bird... standing on my knee, chirping. Surely this was one of my bizarre-o dreams, I thought - but the problem was, I knew I was awake. I shook the fog out of my head and sure enough, there was a bird on my knee. Of course as soon as I moved, he flew away and around the bedroom looking for a way to get out.

Attack of The Killer Bat!!I got up and opened the door to my balcony and out he went. "I really need to fix those window screens" I thought to myself, of the several screens we have with holes in them. Assuming that was how he got in, of course. I really don't know how he got in.

So then last night I have a dream where hundreds (millions even!) of long-fanged, rabid bats flew in through the holes in the screens and we all woke up slobbering like Cujo & attacking each other.

I really do need to fix these screens. I hate slobber.