Saturday, July 14, 2007

It's All They Have

If there's a hot topic right now it's got to be global warming. I know you've probably heard/read every opinion out there that there is, but this is something that really gets me, so I hope you'll indulge me a short post on this.

Bloggers blog about it, newscasters report the latest scientific findings, talk radio is all abuzz over it, newspapers & magazines are filled with articles about it. You can't get away from it, no matter how hard you try - it's everywhere, thanks to what some might call the enviro-extremists.

In a way, it's sort of unfair to call them that, even though that's what it appears they are, at first glance. On the surface they live, eat and sleep environmental issues. Raising global awareness to protect the planet, enlisting others to join their cause, staying current on any kind of developments and making sure their voices are heard, in whatever form of media they can. It is their passion and that's what they give their lives to. Surely us Christians can understand that kind of passion, can't we?

But that's the surface. If you go deeper - down to the heart & soul - what do you find with the majority of these passionate folks? Well, you sure won't find the Lord Jesus Christ. They don't know Him, they don't follow Him and they certainly don't have the hope that He alone gives. The environment and saving the planet? It's all they have, and it's the only legacy they think they can leave for their children and their children's children. So it makes perfect sense why they try so hard to make sure it's in excellent living condition for the generations to come. Their passions are gravely misplaced for the things of this world, rather than for the life to come.

I thought about this today and I know myself well enough to know that if I did not know Christ, and did not have the hope I have, that I might very easily be persuaded to be an enviro-extremist. I'm a passionate person, and whatever I believe I believe with all of me - and persue it with a gusto. It's not such a stretch for me to understand why these folks are so adamant about what they believe in. It's just so tragic that what they believe in won't last, and their own eternal souls don't matter to them as much as dirt, rocks, trees and oceans.

Yep, it's a mixed up crazy world. All the more reason to boldly proclaim the good news of the Lord Jesus Christ - the Only One that offers a hope beyond this decaying rock, and a hope that will last for all eternity, when all else is long gone.