Saturday, July 21, 2007

I'm not really here, I'm busy & stuff

Okay, if Frank can take a hiatus that is not a hiatus, I can do this too. So neener on hiatusing. Is that a word? If it wasn't before, it is now. I get to make up words, because it's my blog and I can do that. The thing is, I had no intention of posting again today but I just can't let this go.

--- First of all, my store newsletter that normally goes out to the 450+ subscribers every Friday morning, did not go out. Not because I didn't send it, but because there was another glitch in the software or some other high-tech noogie that doesn't make sense to me. If you're one of those 450, and didn't see it today in your inbox, that's why. In any event, the newsletter IS online and you can see it here.

New Life--- Secondly, one of the new designs didn't make it into the newsletter (because I created it today, and the newsletter actually went into the hopper last night!) This is it. Inspired by a sleezy, worldly t-shirt I saw today with some sort of lame message about beer or something equally as useless. The design was classic and sharp, but THIS message is way better. So neener #2 - this neener on sleezy t-shirts being trumped by awesome Christian t-shirts. My t-shirt can beat up your t-shirt, and it has a life changing message too! (Great convo starters, so don't wear one if you don't want people asking you what that verse says, because they will, and then you'll have to talk to them about new life in Christ. Hmmm... now there's an idea!)

Buy 3 - Get 1 FREE

--- Third, my t-shirt supplier decided to wait until AFTER I sent the newsletter (that didn't go out) to tell me that there's a SUPER DUPER sale starting tonight at midnight Pacific coast time - and only running for a limited time. Here's the juicy details:

Promotion Offer: Buy 3 T-Shirts and Get 1 T-Shirt FREE*
No coupon needed.
Starts: July 21, 2007 at 12:01 am PT

This is a LIMITED TIME OFFER! Limited to one free shirt per order, free shirt must be of equal or lesser value as purchased shirts and cannot exceed a retail price of USD $30.00. Promotion cannot be combined with any other offers or bulk order discounts. Shirt sales subject to this promotion are not eligible for refunds, exchange only. Eligible free shirts are limited to Jr. Raglan, Jr. Ringer T-Shirt, Jr.Spaghetti Tank, Jr. Jersey T-Shirt, Baseball Jersey, T-Shirt, Kids Baseball Jersey, Ringer T-Shirt, Men's Sleeveless Tee, Long Sleeve T-Shirt, Fitted T-Shirt, Organic Cotton Tee, Value T-Shirt, Women's CapSleeve T, Women's Long Sleeve T-Shirt, Women's Tank Top,Women’s T-Shirt, Women's V-Neck T-Shirt, Women's Plus Size Scoop Neck T-Shirt, Women's Plus Size V-Neck T-Shirt, and Maternity T-Shirt, subject to availability. This promotion is available for a limited time and may be cancelled or changed at any time for any reason, without notice. Void where prohibited.

Okay, no coupon needed but be sure to USE one of the coupons in the sidebar under the coupon corner button at the store to get even a better deal when you order. We have a sale like this about once a year, so get in on this while you can, because it's a LIMITED TIME sale. Think: Christmas shopping in July! And this would be neener #3 - on paying full price for great t-shirts when you can buy 3, and get one FREE.

So there ya go. Off with you, you have some Christmas shopping to do. Right?